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Are Fleece Pajamas Too Hot For Babies?

Skylar Luna

[Pictured: 100% organic cotton Skylar Luna Sharks Short Sleeved Pajamas]

Every parent wants their baby to sleep through the night, and as you’re working towards that goal, comfortable pajamas are essential. Not only do you want your newborn to be comfortable, but you want to make sure the pajamas you choose are safe.

Are fleece pajamas a good choice for your baby? Are they safe? Are they too hot?

The Potential for Fleece Allergies

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Celebrity Babies in Skylar Luna Pajamas

The next generation of celebrity children has already started learning what’s best in fashion trends. Of course when mom and dad are big-time celebrities, how could they not?

Whether it’s custom made outfits for the red carpet, or in this case, settling in for the night with the softest, breathable PJs, these tot trendsetters have found that Skylar Luna pajamas are a great choice to keep them cozy at bedtime and beyond.

With endless options and resources when it comes to filling their kids’ wardrobes, these parents have found our California-inspired clothing line to be just the right mix of fashion and comfort.

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How Does Skylar Luna Sleepwear Compare to Hanna Andersson and Gap Sleepwear?

Eco-friendly sleepwear is so crucial not only for your child but also for the environment! Selecting organic cotton clothing will protect your child’s sensitive skin and even protect them from fire hazards!

Safety comes first, but style comes right after that. Our clothing is inspired by Californian chic styles to keep your little one adorable and ready for photos! (Because we know you mamas will want to take lots of snaps of your babies!)

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