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Selecting Clothes for Sensory Sensitive Kids

Imagine trying to dress your child for school. As you’re getting him into a new pair of pants, he suddenly bursts into tears. It’s one of those, crying so hard he could barely breathe, kind of tears; moms, you know what I mean. You try to reason with him, try to get him just to wear the pants for the day and he just won’t stop crying! Then you realize that he’s crying because he doesn’t like the way the pants feel!

This situation might resonate with you and in fact a lot of kids are particular about what kinds of clothing they wear. This isn’t a style preference but instead they’re refusing to wear clothing based on the way if feels. Now don’t hit the panic button, because that sounds kind of scary, but actually, this is quite normal and doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has something “wrong” with them. It simply means that they’re sensory sensitive.
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